Black Hole

The Black Hole was again our most popular activity again in during the 2015 season.

When it was initially introduced it had so much use during that we decided to build another level, so our Black Hole now has two levels.

The activity takes you through a tunnel maze in total darkness.


Dare you enter the BLACK HOLE..?

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Instructors: This activity is self run by the groups own leaders. It is recommended that you use at least three leaders to supervisor the activity.

Safety: Limit the number of participants inside the Black Hole to a maximum of 10 at any one time.
The emergency exits must be unlocked before the activity starts and a leader positioned by the exits to help participants if required.
Helmets to be worn, when inside the Black Hole

Location: In the woods alongside the Bouldering Wall.

Usually last for 1 hour

Numbers: We recommend 15 participants per hour

What to Wear: This is an indoor activity so coats aren’t required. Trousers are required to cover the legs and a knee as crawling is involved.


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In – Out: Each participant has to find their way round inside the wall from entrance to exit.

Treasure Hunt: Hide Items in the Black hole for participants to find

Both ways: Two teams set of from opposite ends and try to pass without being spotted (we suggest teams of 3 – the others can have a rest)

Timed: Fastest time from start to finish

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