What’s the aim?

To visit as many of the 20 control points placed around the Oaks in a set time.


How to run a session:
Each team receives a map, a control card and a score sheet. Firstly each team has to copy all the control circles off the master map onto their own copy. After this is done you are ready to start. Everyone starts from the campfire circle at exactly the same time they have to collect as many points as possible within a set time. Usually 25 minutes is ample.

Each control has a score given to it these are shown on the score table. In general the further away the control from the campfire circle the higher the score. Scores range from 5 to15 Therefore each team has to make the decision if it is more effective to stay close to the campfire area and gain lots of controls with small point values. Alternatively if he or she should venture further away to collect control that have higher values.

What is a control?
A control is a small red and white board stuck in a post or a tree about two feet off the floor. At the control there is its number and also a clipper that is unique to that control. All the clippers are different so you can’t cheat.

Where are the controls?

The controls are marked on the map with red circles. The control will normally be in the middle of the circle marked on the map.

What do I do at the control?

When you get to the control, make sure it’s the correct number. Then stamp the clipper into the control card in the correctly labelled box i.e. control number one into box number one on the card.

Everybody has to be back within the time designated. For every minute a team is over the time they lose 1 point from their final score. Points for the controls are shown on the score sheet. Make sure clipper marks are in the correctly numbered boxes otherwise points cannot be awarded for controls visited.


The winners are the team with the most points after deductions are made for being over the designated time.

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