Mountain Boarding

Instructors: This activity is generally self run by the groups own leaders, but the site will provide an instructor if you require it.


Participants must wear the safety equipment which consist of knee pads, elbow pads, most importantly wrist supports and a helmet.
The sledges are for use by Scout and Guide age and over only – Younger people don’t have a perception of the risk and cause themselves injury.
Location: At the top of the hill!

How to do this!

Basics of board control. Whilst these are similar to Snowboards, the response of the board is very immediate and very direct. And you can’t brake in the same way, you can’t just dig in the edge to scrape off a bit of speed, because the wheels don’t grip in the same way. The board just wants to run!

Lesson number 1.
If you do try and dig the edge in to slow down, the board will carry on going and leave you leaning backwards – not a good thing. Overcook it and the wheels let go of the earth and introduce it to you instead. We use beginners’ board (supposedly easier to control) and a more responsive type. The beginners’ board didn’t have foot-straps, so that you can jump off at the vital moment, but it therefore needs a handheld leash so it doesn’t race off without you.

Lesson number 2.
First of all tackle a couple of gentle runs down the slope, trying in turn to make smooth left or right turns.

Lesson number 3. Bend the knees! Keep your weight forward! Turn with your upper body!

And then: Set up a slalom challenge, but two or three poles were about as many as you will manage!

There is a really good website about “mountain boarding” here

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