Jungle Trail

The Jungle Trail is an adventure course in the woods and consists of a number of obstacles which require a mixture of skill and courage to complete. The rage is from a scramble net, rope bridges, tunnels, balance beams and muddy crawls!

Oaks Jungle Trail 1

Instructors: This activity is self run by the groups own leaders. It is recommended that you use at least three leaders to supervise the activity, but this will of course depend on the age of the participants.

Safety: Limit the number of participants on any obstacle and provide leader supervision on the large obstacles for the younger participants. You must risk assess this activity your self before using as it does depend on the capability of your young people to safely complete the course.

Location: In the woods alongside the Campfire Circle.

Sessions: Usually last for up to 2 hours.

Oaks Jungle trail

Numbers: We recommend 15 – 20 participants per hour

What to Wear: If it’s wet you are going to get muddy! So old clothes are required. Trainers or soft footwear would be best.


Challenge: Each participant has to complete the course.

Time Challenge: These need to be supervised with care to ensure that the participants don’t make mistakes when rushing.

oaks Tube

Carry-over: An a object has to be transported down the course by a complete team – eg ½ full bucket of water, egg in a container or a very large object which requires team work to negotiate the whole course. How about an item which needs to be dismantled and then re constructed to get through parts of the course e.g. the tunnels.

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