Climbing And Abseiling

Our Climbing tower can be set up for the 20’ (6 metres) face.

Oaks Abseil

The usual session involves climbing one side of the tower and abseiling down on the other face.

Dependent on previous experience we find that approx. 12 participants an hour is appropriate as it enables everyone to enjoy the session.

Instructors: The Oaks has its own qualified instructors and equipment to run the tower sessions. If you have experienced climbing leaders, you can hire the tower and run it yourself. However we will need to see the appropriate DC authorisation (or form ‘M’) and you will need to provide your own equipment.

oaks Climbing

Location: In the woods

Safety: If the tower is very wet due to rain (or snow) the activity may be cancelled – at the instructor’s discretion

Sessions: Usually last for 1 hour

Numbers: We recommend 12 participants per hour

What to Wear: This is an Outdoor Activity so coats may be required aren’t required. Soft shoes not boots make the activity easier.

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