Bouldering Wall

The bouldering wall is an activity suitable for all ages; it is a climbing and scrambling activity, which doesn’t require a qualified leader to run.

For those new to this experience, it takes the form of a room, where there are 4 climbing surfaces facing into the centre and covered with a roof, so is a very popular activity when it’s raining.


The maximum height to be climbed is less 2 metres so it doesn’t require the users to be roped up. Rather than a “thrill” type activity it is about skill and challenges. It is a good start for young people to gain confidence in climbing and can be used as a team building exercise. The wall is a great place to teach more advanced climbing skills if required.

The wall is lit inside so can be booked in the evenings as well as during the day.

Instructors: This activity is self run by the groups own leaders. It is recommended that you use at least two leaders to supervisor the activity, inside the bouldering wall.

Safety: Limit the number of participants inside the bouldering wall to a maximum of 15 at any one time
When climbing the participants feet must not go above the red line.

Location: In the woods alongside the Climbing tower.

Sessions: Usually last for 1 hour

Numbers: We recommend 15 participants per hour

What to Wear: This is an indoor activity so coats aren’t required. Soft shoes not boots make the activity easier.


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Challenge: Each participant has to traverse around the wall without out falling off

Time Challenge: The fasted individual time for traversing around the wall without falling off.

Pass-me: Two teams set of from opposite sides of the wall and have to pass when they meet without anybody falling off the wall (suggest teams of 3 – the others can have a rest)

The route can include the harder elements e.g. overhand depending on the participant’s age/skill.

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